FRANCE: 1030 to 1700's

A large number of members of the family distinguished themselves by conspicuous services in the army and in the Magistrate Offices.

The name Daspit is derived from the ancient fief d’Aspect (de Aspette) which is mentioned in the history of Armagnac, 1320 to 1405 (de Courcelles, Histoire genealogique des pairs de France - Genealogic History of France).  The name Daspit is derived from D'Aspet which means "of Aspet".  Aspet (Aspect or Aspette) is a small town in the department of Haute-Garonne, located approximately 50 miles southwest of Toulouse as seen on the following map of sout western France from the 12th century.  The town of Aspet still exists and can be found on maps today.  To reach Aspet, follow N117 south from Toulouse to St. Gaudens.  From St. Gaudens, take D5 south to Aspet.  Along the way is the town of Muret which may have been the birth place of Anne de Saint-Amand, wife of Bernard D'Aspit.

In 1650 one man Daspit married the heiress of the ancient family de Saint Amand of Toulouse; he assumed her name and transmitted his descendants who continued to use it without interruption to the present days (1860).

Following an unfortunate duel and disastrous affairs Pierre Daspit3 was compelled to leave France and decided to go settle in Louisiana, where his descendants remained for over a century and a half.

Related to the most ancient families of Languedoc, the Daspits had their coat of arms recorded , in 1696 at the office of the Armorial General created in the said year by the edict of November 20 (Records of the headquarter of Toulouse and Montauban (manuscript in the Imperial Library). See Bernard Daspit de Saint-Amand.

The following filiation has been established on original documents preserved in the Archives of the family.

(NOTE: In numerous places their are blanks and question marks which are due to the quality of document copies in my possession.  If any one reading these pages can help to clarify these or other points please contact me.  Patrick Daspit)

Arnaud, Seigneur d'Aspet  b. 1000 A.D.  d. 1067

Arnaud married circa 1029.  His lady wife is not known.  One son is recorded:

    1. Ramon-At, b 1030.

Ramon-At, Seigneur d’Aspet c. 1030 - c 1090

m. c 1060

He resided at Spel (Esped and Spel are ancient names of Aspet.  In August of 1058 he donated the church of Saint Paul in Lussan to Bishop Bernard, Abbott of the Abbey of Sainte-Pierre-de-Lezat.  He married in 1065.  His lady wife is not known and one son is recorded:

    1. Arnaud Ramon.

Arnaud-Ramon I, Seigneur d’Aspet c.1070 - c.1140

m. c. 1110

He was also known as Seigneur d’Esped.  In records pf April 1125 he is describes as "Arnaud-Raymond I, d'Asped".  The document records a dispute between the Count of Bigorre, Centulle II (another D'Aspit ancestor through the de Mesmes connection, see Bigorre genealogy) and Sanche-Garcia, Count of Aure (another ancestor through the de la Barthe genealogy) concerning the castle of Aubespinin in Larboust.  Arnaud Ramon I married in 1120, one son is recorded:

    1. Ramon-At II, b. 1120.

Ramon-At II, Seigneur d’Aspet c. 1120 - c. 1180

m. c. 1140

He was also known as Seigneur d’Esped.  He was married in about 1140 and two sons are recorded:

    1. Arnaud-Ramon II, b. 1145
    2. Roger, b. 1148
In a document dated July 26, 1156 he is recorded as joining the order of the Knights Templar and pledging his estate of Canens to the Master of the Templars at the priory of Montsaunes in Comminges.  The document also mentions his two sons, Arnaud-Ramon II and Roger who also appear to have joined the Templars.  The Templars were founded by Hugh des Payens and Godfrey de Saint-Amand, a Daspit ancestor, see the St Amand genealogy.

Arnaud-Ramon II, Seigneur d’Aspet c.1145 - c. 1205

m. c. 1170

In 1171 he arbitrated the quarrel between the Seigneur d’Encausse, Guilhem de Cotz and the Templers of Monsaumes regarding the tithes of Cotz for Encausse.  In July of 1886 he transferred all of his rights over the fiefs of Seisis, Arrot and Vernet to the Monastery of Monsaumes.  In 1190, he joined the Third Crusade with Raymond-Roger, Count de Foix, and the King Philippe-Auguste of France and negotiated peace with Saladin.  Arnaud-Ramon II is presumed to have died during the Crusade.  His son, Arnaud-Raymond III, is mentioned in documents regarding the Priory of Montsaumes and died without issue.


    1. Arnaud Ramon III
    2. Ramona

Ramona, Seigneuresse d’Aspet c. 1180 - c. 1240

m. c. 1198

Ramona became heiress of the fief of of Aspet and Estadens at the death of her brother.  In 1196 she married Fortunier de Comminges, the 4th son of the Bernard III, Count de Dodun and Laurens of Toulouse.  Laurens of Toulouse was the daughter of Raymond, Count of Toulouse and the Countess Constance.  Fortunier was descended from the Counts of Comminges.  Of this marriage, there is one son recorded:

    1. Arnaud-Raymond IV.

Arnaud-Raimond IV, Seigneur d'Aspet  b. 1200 - d. 1258

m. c. 1235

He was the oldest son of Ramona and Fortanier de Comminges.  In 1219 he aided Count Raymond in the victorius defense of Toulouse which was besieged by the oldest son of King Philippe-August, Prince Louis.  He and his cousin, Arnaud de Comminges continued the aid by guarding the newly constructed Barbican to the east of Toulouse.   He was married in 1235 and the name of his lady wife is not known.  There were three sons recorded of his marriage:

    1. Arnaud-Bernard b. 1240
    2. Roger b. 1242
    3. Arnaud-Roger, b. 1245

Arnaud-Bernard, Seigneur d'Aspet  b.1240 - d. 1300

m. c. 1275

He was married in 1275 and his name appears on a document dated March 8, 1273 and kept in the Archives of the Department of Gers.  Three sons are recorded of this marriage:

    1. Bernard, b. 1280
    2. Arnaud, b. 1285
    3. Gaston, b. 1287

Bernard I, Seigneur d'Aspet c. 1280 - c. 1341

m. 1305

He along with two other Seigneurs d’Aspet was was accused of complicity with the Count de Comminges and his two brothers (Bernard VIII, Pierre-Raymond and Guy) in the crimes of brigandage, theft, looting, extortion, rape, arson and murder committed at Albieois and Lautrec during the “Raze” of the Narbonnais by Count Bernard VIII.  Bernard I and the others are all named in the Letters of Pardon signed by King Philippe VI de Valois in 1333.  In about 1325 he signed legal permits continuing various priviliges for the Aspet Council.

Among the permits mentioned was a tax levy on wine to pay for repairs to the Fountain of Henry IV(This link is to a French WEB Page, to translate into English, go to AltaVista Translations and enter the following URL to be translated:

Raimond-Arnaud  d'Aspet c. 1310 -c. 1370

m 1345 Barrave de Mirapeix.

In 1334 he was named in the Book of Obits of the Jacobins of St.-Gaudens.

Bernard II, Seigneur d'Aspet c 1330 - c 1383

m. c 1350 Civille  d'Aspet.

In 1350 his name and the title “Seigneur d’Aspet” appears as a witness on the bill of sale of the Viscounty de Turenne.  In 1361 his mother, Barrave I (de Mirapeix) willed part of her Mirapeix holdings to him.  He had a son, Roger III who fought in the Battle of Launac, was put in prison at Foix by the enemy, and died early before his father.

Barrave II, Seigneuresse d'Aspet c. 1355 - c. 1403

m. c. 1375

Upon the death of her father she became Seigneuresse d'Aspet and on February 1, 1383 she signed a deed before M. ____ (Garaie?) de Barart, notary public of the County of Comminges, by which she granted the first charter of customs, liberties and franchise to the village and consulate of Aspet.  After her death the Seigneures d’Aspet continue by inhertance as follows.

Raymond-Arnaud I, Seigneur d’Aspet and Cuarraze  c. 1367-1421

m. 1407

Condor de Foix-Rabat.  m. 1410 Catherine d’Espagne, and m. 1415 Marie de Gramont (who married Jean de Doumy in 1423).  His many activities are recorded in various archives, detailing the events of twelve different years, from 1385 to 1420.

Raymond-Arnaud II, Seigneur d’Aspet and Cuarraze  c. 1411-1464

m. 1429 Quercy Isabelle de Castel-Bretanoux.

There are from 1423 to 1464 eighteen recorded dates in the Archives documenting and detailing his many activities.  He headed the miliatary command in Marengo and escorted Jeanne d’Arc into town when her army arrived on the 29th of April, 1428.

Catherine, Seigneuresse d’Aspet and Cuarraze  c. 1430 - 1492

m. c. 1446 Count Mathieu de Foix c. 1400 - 1453
m. 1460 Jean de Carmaing.

There are, from 1446 to 1492 twenty recorded dates in the Archives, documenting and detailing her many activities and accomplishments.

Jean Daspet, Ecuyer c.1466 - c. 1560

m. c. 1489

Kings Lancer in 1496. Jean Despy or Daspit, esquire, was in 1496 among the noblemen composing fifty lances of the King's guards under the command of Captain Jean de la Marche (original document).  He had the following children;

Belin Daspit, Exuyer c. 1490 - 1560

m. c. 1531 Catherine Ambelard

 Belin Daspit, esquire, who appeared at the review and parade of fifteen military men, kept in the service at a salary, without special duties at the Cliffo Castle in 1517, under the command of Jean de Montarby (original document).  He married about 1531, noble demoiselle Catherine Ambelard, by whom he had two sons;

  1. Jewin, Seigneur d’Aspet 1535 - 1605, who follows’
  2. Charles Daspit, c. 1537 - 1607 esquire, born around 1537, who served in a company of 57 soldiers on foot in the King’s service, and took part in the parade and review of Dec. 3rd, 1579, in the city of Ceutal (orig. doc.).

Jewin Daspit

m. c. 1588 Jeanne de Mesmes

Jewin Daspit, esquire, lord of said manor, in the seneschal's jurisdiction of Toulouse, belonged to a company of 30 men in the King's service, which company passed in review and parade under the walls of the city of Gigon, in Armagnac, in 1574, under the command of Marshall de Montluc.  He married, in 1588, noble demoiselle Jeanne de Mesmes who made him a father of three children.

  1. Nicolas, who follows;
  2. Louis Daspit, esquire, Lord of Valeville, who was a nobleman in the personal service of Duke d’Anjou, brother-in-law of the king; he received from King Henry IV a letter dated November 26, 1603, in which the King offers his protection to him (Orig. document).
  3. Pierre Daspit, esquire, who served in a company, which was passed in review and paraded at Montelimart on April 10, 1605, under the command of Sieur de Neyrol.

Nicolas Daspit

m. c1601 Catherine de la Broue

Nicolas Daspit, lord of said manor, esquire,  born about 1570, served in the company of 25 foot soldiers, whose review and parade took place on October 12, 1603. (Original document)  He married about 1601 noble mademoiselle Catherine de la Broue who gave him a son as follows;

Pierre (Freire) Daspit

m. 1632 Madeliene de Cotten (or Cottes).

Pierre Daspit4 , esquire, lord of the said manor and of Bavarlhes, magistrate and lieutenant at the siege of Frontigues, commissioner and deputy for the execution of the ordinances issued by the Duke d'Epernon, Kings governor of the province of Guienne.  He is mentioned in an act of April 17, 16_7, containing an estimate for repairs to be made at the Castle of Castelviel, near Luchen.  By his marriage contracted in 1632, with the noble demoiselle Madeliene de Cotten, he had three children, as follows:

  1. Bernard, who follows;
  2. Joseph Daspit, esquire, lord of Lueviello, who had his coat of arms recorded in the General Armorial of France.
  3. Jean Daspit, esquire, who was counsellor of the Court of Toulouse and Mayor of this city.  His coat of arms is recorded in the General Armorial of France.

Bernard Daspit St Amand

m. 1662 Anne de Saint-Amand

 Bernard Daspit, esquire, lord of Meilhan, etc. born in 1633, counsellor at the Court of Toulouse, had his coat of arms recorded in 1698 in the General Armorial of France, the recording says” “of gold, with a pine tree of sinople, and top of azure, argent horned, between two golden stars”.  He married in 1662 noble demoiselle Anne de St. Amand, heiress of the ancient family de Saint-Amand  of Toulouse, whose name he added to his own.  He had several children, among whom;

Jacques Daspit de St. Amand

m. 1683 Dominique Bordeliere

Jacques Daspit de St Amand; the son of Bernard Daspit and Anne Saint-Amand was born in 1661 or 1662 and married Dominique Bordeliere5.  They had two sons:

  1. Jean Francois  Born 1690
  2. Jean Pierre  Born 1698
Both brothers left France for America, but only Jean Francois is listed by name.  In some records Jean Pierre is mentioned as if it is another name used by Jean Francoise and thus creating some confusion as to just who was who.

Jean Francois Daspit de Saint-Amand

m. 1722 Marie Francoise du Buisson

 Jean Francois Daspit de St Amand, native of Toulouse, France was born in 1690, the son of Jacques Daspit de Saint-Amand and Dominique Bordeliere.  He went to live in Paris and consolidate is fortune, but after a sequence of adventures and some unfortunate duels he had to leave France.  In 1719 he departed for Louisianna provided with a commission of miliatary Captain, which was purchased for him by his father.

 After arriving in Louisianna Jean Francois married demoiselle Marie Francoise du Buisson, native of Dunkirk, daughter of Leon du Buisson and Marie Anne Carrep on April 13, 1722.  There is no mention of when she arrived in America.  The marriage is recorded in Reg. 1 - 1720-1730, Folio 49, entry #119.  Children:

  1. Pierre Daspit St. Amand - born 1723 0r 1724
  2. Dominique Daspit St. Amand - born 1728
Jean Francois was made commandant of the upper part of the Louisianna province and was assigned to Fort Rosalie near the present site of Natchez.  In the "History of Louisiana", Charles Gayarre tells of the circumstances surrounding Jean Francois’ death.   Marie Francoise later married Antoine Muillion.

Pierre Daspit St. Amand (Pierre #1) was the son of Jean Francois Daspit St. Amand and Marie Francoise du Buisson (See above) also referred to in some places as John Pierre. According to the account cited earlier, Pierre Daspit came to Louisiana when he was forced to leave France due to an "unfortunate duel and disastrous affairs". In another location the following is recorded:
"The tradition is that Pierre, Sr. came to Louisiana from France, bringing with him his three sons - Pierre, Antoine and Alexandre. They came just before the French Revolution (1789)."
The "tradition" cited above does not however reconcile with a number of other facts which appear to be fairly well established. First of all, the family records indicate that the information on Pierre's children is from St. Louis Cathedral records. While it it is possible that these refer to births in France, it is more likely the births were in Louisiana. Pierre's last will was dated New Orleans, 1780 and he died in 1784 also suggests an earlier date of arrival in Louisiana. In the history of the COTEAU DE FRANCE that was written by Clement Bourgois Jr., there are several other important facts mentioned (although their source is not). This documents notes that the Daspit de St. Amand came from France in about 1715. At also mentions that Dominique, the son of Jean Francois Daspit had a son named Antoine who was born in 1757 and married Eulalie Zeringue in 1790. (Antoine will become an important individual in the Coteau De France and the Lanfear affair). Based on this then, Antoine is not Pierre's son but his cousin. One supposition on the part of the author is that the circumstances cited in Dr. Lugano's translation surrounding Pierre's coming to Louisiana may actually refer to Jean Francois who is referred to as Jean Pierre in some documents. The one point that tends to corroborate the "tradition" cited above is the fact that Pierre(#2)'s will (see translation below) states that Antoine is his brother.

Pierre (#1) was married first to Marie Anne Carmouche. Their children were:

  1. Anne Daspit St. Amand - born in 1751
  2. Marie Francoise Daspit St. Amand - born in 1753
  3. Pierre Daspit St. Amand (Pierre #2, also Pierre Jr.) - born in 1755 (follows)
  4. Michel Daspit St. Amand - born in 1756
  5. Jean Francois Daspit St. Amand - born in 1759
  6. Alexandre Daspit St Amand - born in 1761 (follows)
  7. Rosalie Genevieve Daspit St. Amand - born in 1762
The family records indicate that the above information is from St. Louis Cathedral records and that, of the above, only Pierre, Michel & Jean Francois and Alexandre left heirs. [7]

After the death of Marie Anne Carmouche, Pierre (#1) married Marian Leroux-Courcier, the widow of August Courcier by whom she had two daughters, Adele and Celeste[8]. Madame Leroux-Courcier was the governess from New Orleans who had been employed to teach Pierre (#1)'s children. Adele married Marcel (or Marcellus) Daspit.

Pierre (#1)'s will is on file in Spanish at Cabildo. The will mentions five commissions received from the Spanish Government, among them a captain's and a colonel's commission. There is a family tradition that Pierre (#1) was known as "the general". The tradition is that for services rendered the Spanish Crown he received a grant of some five thousand acres of territory known as the Coteau de France.

NOTE: The above information on Pierre (#1 or Pierre Sr.) is from a memo with the following note:

March 19, 1933

The above memo was given to me by Edna who found same among Uncle Isaac's papers. It is not known from what source it was obtained.

V. N. D.[9]


Pierre Daspit St. Amand

Pierre Daspit St. Amand (Pierre #2) was the son of Pierre Daspit St. Amand and Marie Anne Carmouche (Pierre #1 - See above). Pierre (#2) is sometimes also referred to as Pierre Jr. Pierre married Marie Mayeaux, the daughter of Francois Mayeaux and Nicole Prevost on November 28, 1778. Their children were:
  1. Pierre - born in 1779 (presumably died young)
  2. Marie Anne - born in 1781
  3. Pierre born in 1784
  4. Marcel (Marcellus) born in 1790, died 1855 (follows)
  5. Baselice - born in 1800, baptized 1801 in Plattenville La.
Pierre (#2) was born while Kerlac was governor of Louisiana . When he was eight years old, the territory of Louisiana was transferred to Spain, in 1863. The Spanish Domination lasted until 1800 (1803). He was Judge of the Interior Parish of Lafourche. He was sixty years old at the time of his daughter, Basilice's marriage at Thibodaux, of which a copy of the court record follows (Page 93 - Acts 1814-15. Part II.)

Some family records show that Pierre #1(See Footnote 8) was married a second time to Marian Leroux-Courcier, however these are not original documents and it is more likely they actually refer to a second marriage of Pierre #2. There were no children by this union, however Marian had two daughters from her first marriage, Adele and Celeste, to August Courcier. Adele married Pierre (#2)'s son Marcel and both Adele and Celeste seem to have been withesses at Basalice's wedding (See below).

Marriage of Bazilice Daspit St. Amand

Today the 12th day of September 1815 and the 40th of the independence of the United States of America Before me Pierre Daspie, judge of the interior parish appeared Monsieur Mathieu Hotard who requested me to register the celebration of marriage which he presents in the following manner:

Interior Parish of Lafourche, State of Louisiana, 12th of September, 1815 and the 40th of the Independence, I the undersigned V. Coulon, justice of the peace for this parish at the request of the Honorable Judge Pierre Daspie, was brought to his home to join in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony the Sieur Mathieu Hotard, inhabitant of the Parish of St. Charles, age 42 years, native of the Parish of St. Louis, legitimate son of Mathieu Hotard and Marie Genevieve Bourgeois on one part.

And Miss Basilice Daspit St. Amand, minor daughter of the said Pierre Daspit Saint Amant and Marie Mayeaux deceased on the other part, assisted by her Father.

After having received the reciprocal consent of both parties and fulfilled the ordinary ceremonies, ordered by law, the said parties have assigned their signatures and mutually promised to ratify their marriage in the face of our Mother, the Holy Church C. A. &R. at the earliest possible.

Made in the presence of the undersigned witnesses the day and year mentioned above:

Signed: Mathieu Hotard Basalice Daspit

Witnesses: Daspit St. Amand, Courcier Daspit, Lag Daspit, Vol. Daspit, Louis Courcier, Celeste Courcier, Adele Daspit, Chas. Beard.

Signed par me the said Coulon, Justice of the peace.

Registered by me day and year mentioned above.

Signed P. Daspit, Judge.

From Court Record at Thibodaux, La.

Coat of Arms 1209 gives spelling as St. Amand.

The will of Pierre (#2) is on file in French at Thibodaux dated September 20, 1837 (See Translation below). he died September 22, 1837.


The undersigned, Pierre St. Amand, native of Louisiana and resident of Orleans Parish, about 62 years old, physically sick, but with sound mind, memory and intelligence declares that the following is my will and act of last will. I GIVE AND BEQUEATH HALF OF MY PROPERTY in general to my 6 natural children, namely: Martin, Genevieve, Hilaire, Louis, Louis Ovide and Mary St. Amand. The said half of my property to be divided between them in equal parts. I name guardian of my two children: Louis Ovide and Mary, my son Hilaire, and in his default, my son Louis. In the case of the death of one of the said two children, Louis Ovide and Mary, before their majority and without having disposed of their property through testament, the bequest that will come to him in my succession according to the above disposition will be revertible to the survivor of the two.

OF THE OTHER HALF OF MY PROPERTY I give and bequest to Celeste Mechin St. Martin, wife of the said Zenon Boudousquie, the sum of $2000.00 paid once. To Emma Mechin St. Martin, wife of Mr. Witte, the sum of $2000.00 paid once. To my Godchild Mathilde, daughter of Jan Bte Plauche, the sum of $3000.00 paid once. The my Godchild Pierre Bertrand, son of Alexis Bertrand, the sum of $500.00 paid once. To Marie Louise said Heloise Escaud the sum of $2000.00 paid once. To Francoise Sabatier, wife of Joseph Cheval, the sum of $500.00 paid once. To my brother Antoine St. Amand, my watch and to my old friend Mr. Francoise Adam, the sum of $2000.00 paid once.

I give and bequeath to my slaves named below: Andre my old commandant, to Manon old negress and her daughter Lise, to Charles about 70 years old, to old Congo, Genevieve McCarty said Cambasold negress, and immediately after my death, my testament executors as named below, will fulfill to the expenses of my succession, all the formalities required by law, so that my said slaves will enjoy as soon as possible the liberty I give them in regard for their faithful services.

After my death, my testament executors will charge the sum of $2000.00 they will take FROM THE SECOND HALF OF MY PROPERTY, not disposed of in favor of my children, the shares of the State Bank of Louisiana, and the dividends thereof I give and bequeath to my brother Sylvan St. Amand to have and enjoy all his life and dispose as he sees fit. After his death, the said shares of the bank will become the property of his children to who I give and bequeath the aforesaid time to use and dispose as their property.

After the bequests that I make by this present will have been paid and liquidated and my debts paid, IN CASE THE DIVERS BEQUESTS THAT I MAKE ON THE HALF NOT DISPOSED OF IN FAVOR OF MY CHILDREN WILL EXCEED THAT HALF, they will be reductible to "une mare la livre" (mare a pound ????) except for the liberty which will have priority over the other donations.

FOR THE SURPLUS OF MY PROPERTY, after the said donations have been paid I name my universal legatee and my heir Mr. Charles Perret. I name as my testament executors Messieurs James H. Shepherd, William M. Montgomery, merchants, in this town, to act jointly or separately, one in default of the other, in all things respecting my succession, without recourse to the court. I annul and revoke all wills and codicils I may have made before the present for which I stand.

MADE IN NEW ORLEANS the 18th of AUGUST 1821.

Also I give and bequeath to my sister Eulalie St. Amand, widow of Chesne, the sum of $4000.00 paid once. After my death my slave Lala, colored, about 55 years old, will receive her liberty. I give and bequeath to my brother Antoine St. Amand, the sum of $4000.00 to be invested by him and the interest to be given when collected, without touching the capital, and after the death of said Joseph, the sum of $4000.00 will be given in equal parts to the other children of my said brother. I give and bequeath to Miss Felicite Paillat, the sum of $50.00 paid once. To Isabelle Fazende in gratitues for her care the sum of $500.00. To Celeste Escaud the sum of $200.00. To Saintville St. Amand, the youngest of the two sons of my brother Sylvain St. Amand $500.00. To Rosalie Clapier, my Godchild, $400.00.


(SIGNED) Pierre St. Amand.

Ne varietur (not to be changed) (SIGNED) Jn. Pitot, Judge.

Alexandre Daspit de St Amand

Alexandre Daspit de St Amand (son of Pierre Daspit St. Amand and Marie Anne Carmouche), born February 3, 1760, who married on November 22, 1787, demoiselle Marguerite Zeringue, who gave him nine children:

  1. Joeseph Alexandre Daspit de Saint Amand, born on June 1, 1786, who died young.
  2. Josephine Daspit de Saint Amand, born December 25, 1787.
  3. Aimee Daspit de Saint Amand, born March 31, 1790.
  4. Agathe Rosalie Daspit de Saint Amand, born October 30 1793.
  5. Marie Anne Daspit de Saint Amand, born October 8, 1795, died young.
  6. Pierre Geoffroy Daspit de St Amand, born March 6, 1798 who continued the lineage. (follows)
  7. Venance Daspit de Saint Amand, born June 22, 1800.
  8. Telephore Daspit de Saint Amand, born May 21, 1802 who left no descents.
  9. Antoine Daspit de Saint Amand, born February 15, 1806.

Marcel (or Marcellus) Daspit

Marcel (or Marcellus) Daspit was born in 1790, the son of Pierre(#2) Daspit St. Amand and Marie Mayeaux, probably in Lafourche. Marcel was first married to Adele Courcier in about October, 1809. Adele Courcier was the daughter of August Courcier and Marian Leroux-Courcier (who was also Pierre #1's second wife). The children of Marcel Daspit[10] and Adele Courcier were:

  1. Justin - Born August 8,1812 - died April 21, 1877
  2. Marie Neige "La Neige" - Born unknown - Died 1895
  3. Marcellas
  4. Robert
  5. Justine - Born about 1814
Adele Courcier died in about 1816 and Marcel married Elise Baudoin in about 1822. The children of Marcel Daspit and Elise Baudoin were:
  1. Pierre - Born in 1825
  2. Felix - Born in 1827
  3. Hugh C. - Born in 1829
  4. Eliza 1831
  5. Marcellite 1834
  6. Elvire 1836
  7. Claiborne Henry
  8. Francois 1839
  9. Felide 1845
  10. Taylor
  11. Elodie
Marcellus came to Terrebonne from Lafourche and bought the place known as the Buddy Brown place, where he and his sons built a horse power sugar mill and ran it with success. Marcellus died in 1855 after his son Justin's second marriage.

Pierre Geoffroy Daspit de St Amand

Pierre Geoffroy Daspit de St Amand (son of Alexandre Daspit de St Amand and Marguerite Zeringue), born in Louisiana on March 6, 1798, and the present representative of the family married in October 1831 [11], mademoiselle Jeane Marguerite Collet, a native of Baltimore (North America). Three children were born from this marriage.

  1. Francois Gustave Daspit de Saint Amand, bornAugust 7 1832, in Santiago, a city in the Island of Cuba, in America.
  2. Paul Ernest Daspit de Saint Amand, born June 20, 1836, who died young.
  3. Clemence Daspit de Saint Amand, born October 5, 1843, who died only a few years of age.
Elsewhere it is stated that Francois eventually returned to France.