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A WEB Page about the Chenworth family of Harford County, Maryland considered to be descendants of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert.
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These WEB Pages developed as a result of my recent research into family history and genealogy and is
a companion page to those about the Driscoll and Daspit de Saint-Amand families.  Included here is
a brief history of the Chenworth Family  and family tree.  There is also a gallery of photographs of the Chenworth Family, which will be added to as time goes on.

As a result of recent contact with two other members of the Chenworth Family, James T. Chenworth and Dot Tucker-Houk,  extensive new information has become available and significant changes are in process.  Please check back regularly for new information.

As with my other WEB Pages about the genealogy and history of my ancestral families, this pages are,
and will continue to be under development as new material is located. Any suggestions or
contributions, be they additional material for me to add to these pages or suggestions for links to
related pages, are welcome.

Patrick Daspit

First Degree

George Chenoweth
Born: Est. 1780 -1800

m. ______

    1. Thomas
    2. John
    3. Sallie
    4. Susan
It is fairly well established that George Chenoweth is one of the descendants of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert  who are quite well documented at Jon Egge's Chenoweth Family Site.  There are several possibilities for this connection which are currently being invstigated.   The information that a George Chenoweth is the father of Thomas Chenoweth or Chenworth came from a written statement made by my grandfather, Charles Johnson Chenworth in 1943.

One possibility which exists is that George is son of Richard Beasmon Chenoweth who is documented at Jon's site, however at this time this is not substantiated and is based on George's estimated birth between 1780 -1800 and Richard Beasemon Chenoweth's son George who was born 1796.

A second possibility, based on information in the possession of James T. Chenworth, is that George, or whoever Thomas' father actually is, descended from the line of Arthur Chenoweth, son of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert.  This is based on information he obtained through the Maryland Historical Society which was compiled by a Harry R. Schuppner of El CaJon California on the Chenowith Family,  that Arthur ( the son of John and Mary Chenowith ) was the first to spell his name "Chenworth" Arthur was born in 1716, married Sophia Hooker ( fathers name Samuel) in 1738 and died in 1802..

Anyone who has information that could help to prove or disprove this connection is encouraged to contact Patrick Daspit.

Second Degree
Thomas Chenoweth
Born: 1806
Died: July 19, 1857
Married: Jane Wilson, from Ireland
    1. Mary Ellen
Married: Rhoda Ann Doggett, May 23, 1843 (b. February 14, 1817 d. June 04, 1900)
    1. Coleman, b. 1843, died February 24, 1864, General Hospital #1, Richland, VA
    2. Thomas Austin, b. September 07, 1845 (see below)
    3. Elizabeth, b. August 15, 1847
    4. George Washington, b. August 09, 1848 (see below)
    5. James Stansbury, b. September 08, 1852 (see below)
    6. William Henry, b, October 13, 1853
    7. Emma Susan, b. June 15, 1856 (twin)
    8. John Abraham, b. June 15, 1856 (twin) - died as an infant
Thomas Chenoweth’s first wife was a Miss Wilson from Irelands. They had one child, a daughter named Mary Ellen, who afterward married Benjamin Hitchcock, who lived near Upper Crossroads, Harford County, Maryland. Thomas Chenoweth afterward married Rhoda A. Doggett from Virginia. They had seven children as listed, who were all born near Long Green Church, in Baltimore County Maryland.  Thomas and Rhoda ran a tavern at Conowingo.  Rhoda was known as a "crusty" farm wife who used to sit on her porch in a rocking chair smoking her pipe.

There seems to be some uncertainty about whether the surname should be Chenoweth or Chenworth.  According to a statement made in writing by Charles Johnson Chenworth (Thomas' grandson) in 1943, the name was Chenoweth until and was changed to Chenworth sometime in the 1870's.  Based on the recollections of Margaret Chenworth Daspit (Charles' daughter), all of the brothers changed their name at the same time.  However the gravestone of Rohda Ann, Thomas' wife, gives the surname as Chenworth.

An Anecdotal History of Thomas and Rhoda - courtesy of Dot Tucker-Houk

1853 - The first date a Chenworth baptism was recorded at St. Ignatius church.

1856 - The twins, Susan Emily and John Abraham, are baptized at St. John the Evangelist Church since
the St. Ignatius building had burned in 1855.  John Abraham dies when he is 6 days old.

1860 - Son Coleman is 16 and working on the Wilson farm in Harford Co.

1862 - Coleman enlists in the Civil War, mustered 8/18/1862, Company D, 7th Regiment, Maryland Volunteers.  He is captured Aug. 13 or 30, 1864 in the battle of Weldon R. R., VA.  He died as a POW in Confederate General Hospital #1, Richmond VA.

1862 - Coleman enlists in the Civil War, mustered 8/18/1862, Company D, 7th Regiment, Maryland Volunteers.

1864 - Aug. 18, 1864 Coleman is captured in the battle of Weldon R. R., VA.  He died as a POW in Confederate  General Hospital #1, Richmond VA.   Rank: Sergeant

1865 - The widow Rhoda is living in Upper Crossroads, Harford Co. receiving Coleman's war pension

1870 - William Henry, 16 and Susan Emily, 14, are still at home with Mom.

1886 - Son George marries Mary Eliza Reid.  Their marriage is witnessed by Anna Law and Emma Chenworth (sister or sister-in-law?).

Third Degree
Thomas Austin Chenworth
Born:  September 07, 1845
Died: November 04, 1914
Married:  June 10, 1922 - Ellen Kelso Cook
    1. John Chenworth
    2. William George Chenworth
    3. James Thomas Chenworth
    4. Anna M. Chenworth
    5. Ida G. Chenworth
    6. Elizabeth Emma (Bessie) Chenworth
    7. Harry Clarence Chenworth
An Anecdotal History of Thomas Austin and Ellen - courtesy of Dot Tucker-Houk

Ellen's dad was born in Pennsylvania and her mother in Maryland.

1870 - Thomas works as a miller and lists the whole value of his estate as $100.

1880 - Living with Thomas and Ellen is Ellen's sister Anna E. Cook (40).  It is presumed her parents passed away before 1880.  She continues to live with them throughout her life and shows up again in the 1900 census.

1900 - Thomas and Ellen still have 4 kids at home:  William (31), Ida (24), Elizabeth E. (22) and Harry C. (19).  Also with them is Thomas' nephew Charles Johnson Chenworth (22) who is working as a civil engineer.  *question - has Charles been there since his father James S.' death in 1884?  Where has his brother Winfield been?

1910 - Interesting, the head of the house is listed as Harry (28) and his wife Mamie.  However, Thomas (63) , Ellen (63), her sister Annie (70) and brother Harry Reid (20, single) live there too.  The presumption is that it is the same house, district 4, Harford Co., but the head title has been passed to the younger man.

1920 - Thomas is gone and Ellen K (73) is living with her daughter Ida G. Gross (42), husband Frank (42) and two kids, Evelyn (13) and Francis (male -  3 1/2).  Frank Gross works as a retail merchant.

***Wow - Mary R. (wife of Harry C.) lives to be 103 years old!!!!

George Washington Chenworth
Born:  August 09, 1848
Died: February 08, 1933
Married:  October 23, 1886 - Mary Elizabeth Reid

    1. James Coleman Chenworth
    2. Samuel Thomas  Chenworth
    3. Rhoda Mary Chenworth
    4. George Poole [Doc] Chenworth
    5. William Reid Chenworth
    6. Eleanor Pearl Chenworth
James Stansbury Chenoweth
Born: September 08, 1852
Died: July 22, 1884
Married: Josephine Susanna Crew
    1. Charles Johnson
    2. Winfield Scott
At or prior to the time of his marriage James Stansbury Chenoweth changed the spelling of his name to CHENWORTH. He was married at St. Ignatius Church, Hickory, Harford County Maryland, at 11:30 AM, Wednesday, December 26th, 1877, to Josephine Susanna Crew, daughter of Charles and Sophia Crew. After his marriage, James Stansbury Chenworth lived in Dublin, Harford County Maryland where he owned and operated the Dublin Hotel, and also a canning factory. They had two children, Charles Johnson and Winfield Scott. Charles Johnson was born September 15, 1878 at Dublin, Maryland. Winfield Scott was born June 24, 1880. At Dublin, Maryland, and he died March 16, 1908 at Baltimore Maryland.

After Winfield Scott's death in 1908 his children (who are unknown as of this writing) moved to an unknown location in the mid-west.

Fourth Degree
Charles Johnson Chenworth
Born: September 15, 1878
Died: May 15, 1953

Married: Grace Adele Yost  (See The Yost Family Pages)

    1. Charles Francis
    2. Helen Anita
    3. Margaret Ann
Married: Loretta Angela Dooley
    1. Rosemary b. 12/25/1923
Charles Johnson Chenworth was born in Dublin, Maryland, one of two sons of James Stansbury Chenworth and Josephine Susanna Crew. During the Spanish American War he joined the Army but was soon discharged when it was learned that he was too young to have enlisted.  Charles was a civil engineer who worked for the Atlantic Coast Railroad. He worked on the construction of Union station in Washington DC and it was during this time that he met and married Grace Adele Chenworth, the daughter of William Henry Yost and Mary Elizabeth McDonald. They had three children as listed.  After the outbreak of World War I, Charles entered the US Army as an engineer and was sent to France.  On the day he left for France he visited his children where they were attending school, but young Margaret very nearly missed seeing her father off as she was playing "hide & seek" and thought the other children were just trying to get her to come out so she would be "caught".  Fortunately, she did come out just as her father was getting ready to leave.

Upon returning from France, Charles went to work for his father-in-law William Henry Yost in his lumber and construction business in Washington DC. Grace died of tuberculosis on September 30, 1919 at a sanitarium in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Charles then went back to work for the Atlantic Coast Railroad first in Savannah, Georgia and later at the company's home offices in Wilmington, North Carolina.    He worked up to vice-president in charge of engineering for the ACLRR, and this is why there is a contingent of the Chenworth family living in the Wilmington NC area to this day.

After the death of his first wife, Charles remarried to Loretta Dooley and they had one child, Rosemary.  Although both Rosemary and Margaret were born while the family was living in Savannah, Margaret was born in Washington DC and Rosemary was born in Baltimore as the family was visiting relatives for the Christmas Holidays.

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